DPI employees get bribe for illegal hiring

Ijaz Butt

Hafiz Rehmat Ali, a resident of Ganj Bakhsh Colony, Maulana Ahmad Ali Road, Lahore, has filed an application with the Director-General, Anti-Corruption establishment, Lahore, in which the position has been taken up that one Imran who was Clerk during the year 2017 in the education department and later was posted as Assistant in the office of DPI Colleges. He received Rs. 500,000 from the applicant as a bribe to get his daughter a government job. The applicant said that accused failed to get his daughter a government job as per commitment. When the applicant demanded return of his money given to the accused he started to avoid to listen to his call.

The citizen said that he filed an application with the anti-corruption department Faisalabad but no action could be taken against the accused as he was influential.

While talking to Pakistan Observer, the citizen provided a copy of the check and stamp-paper of Habib Bank Limited given to the account of a government employee named Imran and said that he had borrowed the money from his relatives. I was paying off my children’s debts

The team of Pakistan Observer obtained the recording of the telephone conversation between the citizen and the said government employee from which it can be easily guessed that the money was received as a bribe.

When the government employee Muhammad Imran son of Muhammad Akbar was contacted as an assistant in the DPI Colleges Punjab office in Anar Kali Lahore to know the position, he accepted the receipt of the money and said that he was returning the money slowly and would pay it in full soon.

Applicant Hafiz Rehmat Ali has appealed to the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, Chief Minister of Punjab Usman Bazdar,p and DG Anti-Corruption to take action on his request and punish the corrupt government employee.

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