DPCC re-fixes prices of various essentials

Staff Reporter

The district administration in consultation with wholesalers, retailers, traders and consumer representatives has re-fixed the wholesale and retail prices of various essential commodities.

In this regard, a meeting of the District Price Control Committee (DPCC) was held under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Ali.

During the meeting, reviewing the current market prices of various essential commodities and fluctuations in their availability rates, the prices of various essential commodities for the general markets were unanimously fixed while some prices of commodities were remained unchanged and pulses and basin rate has been reduced up to Rs29.

According to the detailed the Basin would be sold at Rs122 per kg in wholesale while the retail price was Rs 128 per kg.

Similarly, gram white(mota) Rs 130 per kg and Rs 135 per kg respectively White gram(break) at Rs 118 and Rs 124 per kg, black gram(mota) at Rs 115 and Rs 120 per kg, black gram (break) at Rs 108 and Rs 113 per kg, pulse gram(moti) at Rs 120 and Rs 125 per kg.

Pulse gram breek Rs 114 and Rs 120 per kg, Pulse moog kori unwashed Rs 162 and Rs 168 per kg, Pulse mash washed foreign Rs 202 and Rs 211 per kg, Pulse mash unwashed foreign Rs 188 and Rs 195 per kg.

Pulse Masoor will be sold at Rs 138 and Rs 144 per kg, pulse masoor(breek) at Rs 144 and Rs 150 per kg.

Rice Super Basmati (New) at Rs 110 and Rs 115 per kg, Super Basmati (Old) at Rs 120 and Rs 125 per kg.

Ari rice at Rs 47 and Rs 50 per kg, milk at Rs 90 per kg, yoghurt at Rs 95 per kg, meat at Rs 950 in Tehsil City and Rs 900 in other tehsils. Beaf will be sold at Rs. 450 per kg in Tehsil City, Rs. 400 per kg in other Tehsils, Roti Rs. 6 per kg weighing 100 grams.

The prices of fruits and vegetables will be auctioned in the daily markets while the prices of poultry products will be provided by the Livestock Poultry Association to the Secretary Market Committee at 7 am daily in consultation with the Livestock Poultry Association.

Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Ali said that price control magistrates were active in conducting raids in the markets and there would be no concession from illegitimate profiteers.

He asked the traders to implement prices. He ask the consumers to register complaint regarding over price at Toll free number 080002345 it would resolved quickly.