Don’t target state institutions


While there is no end to political uncertainty in the country, it is most unfortunate that state institutions are also not being spared and continuously targeted by political leaders in their daily narrative, a move that is unwise and dangerous.

Since ouster from PM office as a result of no confidence motion, Imran Khan has been blaming others for his removal through a so-called ‘conspiracy theory’.

He is critical of military establishment for not coming to his rescue. Taking to his twitter handle on Saturday, he once again blamed current set-up of ruing the country politically and economically to save their corruption whilst questioning state institutions for how long they will continue to allow this.

In his speeches, he is also daily targeting the Chief Election Commissioner. Separately expressing disapproval of Supreme Court’s decision of declaring Hamza Sharif a trustee Chief Minister till Monday, PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz also came out harsh on apex court saying the party would no longer bow its head in front of ‘one sided’ decisions, alleging that house of justice came under pressure of bullying and threats.

In her tweets, she also raised objections on apex court’s bench saying it negates its own decisions.

Also Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal while talking to media persons in Lahore alleged that Imran Khan is trying to get a bailout package with the help of Supreme Court and national institutions.

Talking to a private television, PDM Chief Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman also stated that there would be no crisis if institutions stay quiet.

All state institutions are source of stability for the country and unnecessarily criticising them amounts to creating a wedge in the already highly polarised society.

For the sake of politics, we should not weaken institutions like judiciary, army and Parliament.

It is surprising that political leaders criticise institutions when they intervene against their interests and celebrate their role when they act in their interests.

Instead of attacking state institutions, all political leaderships should put their own house in order.

Given current economic situation Pakistan is passing through, sanity must prevail. It is important that all political and religious leaders end confrontation and sit together for a grand dialogue in larger national interest.

Flexibility will have to be demonstrated by all sides to move forward on the path of stability.



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