Dogs eat two-year-old baby after stealing him from hospital in India


A two-day-old baby was mauled to death by stray dogs in India’s Haryana, reported Times Now.

The incident took place inside the general ward of the Heart and Mother Care Hospital where the infant was lying next to his aunt.

The dogs took the baby from there and began eating it. Reportedly, the mother, Shabnam, was admitted to the first floor of the hospital. Monday night, she was with her husband Aas Mohammad, mother-in-law, and aunt.

The family slept on the floor of the hospital room while Shabnam was on the bed. After the baby was fed, the aunt kept him beside her on the floor.

According to reports, around 2am in the morn-ing, one of the family members woke up and realised that the baby was absent. Soon, the whole family was up and looking for the infant.

When they rushed outside the hospital after searching inside, they found a dog nibbling the body of the baby.

The horrified family managed to free the child from the dog. When taken to the doctors, the baby was immediately declared dead.

The family questioned the hospital’s management that was unaware of dogs entering the hospital.—Agencies


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