Doctors’ strike enters 17th day


City Reporter

Thousands of patients are facing severe problems due to doctors’ strike, which is continuing at the Out-Patient Departments (OPDs) of public sector hospitals across Punjab for the last 17 days.
During the city hospitals’ visit, it was witnessed that a large number of patients could not avail treatment facilities.
They were protesting and raising hue and cry for for being provided treatment facilities in hospitals.
Over 40,000 patients are suffering every day due to strike of doctors.
On the other hand, YDA General Secretary Dr Nadir Hussain said that protest would continue against privatisation of public sector hospitals and MTI Act.
Moreover, Principal Lahore General Hospital (LGH) Prof Dr Sardar Mohammad Alfareed Zafar Saturday continued his efforts for providing help to patients during the ongoing strike of doctors.
Seven C-Section operations were conducted at Gynae Operation Theatre in which Dr Alfareed took part, along with female medical staff. All women patients and new born babies were in good health.
They were thankful to the principal Lahore General Hospital, who took such an initiative on humanitarian grounds and provided them treatment and operation facilities.
Prof Alfareed Zafar has said that safety of human life is prime responsibility of any doctor.