Doctor warns of black fungus inside oxygen cylinders

Staff Reporter

In a letter to the Board of Governors of Khyber Teaching Hospital (KTH), the ENT Doctor of the hospital has expressed reservations that use of substandard oxygen cylinders may cause spread of black fungus among the patients.

In his letter, the ENT doctor said 12 patients were operated upon for Sinusitis problem during the last two months of which two were found victims of the black fungus after recovering from COVID-19.

The poorly cleaned oxygen cylinders were having black fungus in their bases. He stressed for taking extra care during the cleansing of oxygen cylinder saying the patients of black fungus were being reported during the corona situation.

He said if the oxygen cylinders were not properly cleaned and purified the spores of fungus would emerge in the base of cylinders.

He said there was also a need of using clean water for passing the oxygen gas through the water chamber because if the water was not cleaned it would help create spores of black fungus.

If not treated in time, the doctor said there were chances of spread of black fungus in the body of the patient.

The chances of attacks of black fungus, he said, were on high in areas with extra moisture and greenery.

It merits a mention here that the Health Secretary KP, Imtaiz Hussain Shah has issued directives for complete cleansing of all the oxygen cylinders at the hospitals.

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