Doctor detained over indiscriminate firing at public place


Police detained an armed doctor over indiscriminate firing at Hawkes Bay in the Mauripur police station remit on Sunday.

Hearing sound of heavy firing a citizen informed 15-Madadgar police, which reached at the place within six minutes of the complaint.

The police detained the armed man, who was identified as Dr Hassan Ali, who was involved in the firing incident. A modern rifle was also recovered from possession of the accused.

Police also recovered 20 spent rounds from the accused who was resorted to indiscriminate fire at public place.

“Police had not filed a case after several hours of detention of the accused,” sources said. “Mauripur police have given VIP protocol to the accused,” according to sources.

“He was taken to the office of the station house officer (SHO) and offered tea,” sources said. The police allegedly trying to strike a deal with the detained person,” sources claimed.


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