Do not eat excessive meat, doctors warn



Doctors have warned that meat lovers can fall prey to several diseases during Eid ul Azha if they eat excessive amounts of meat as doing so can cause diarrhea, vomiting, high blood pressure and excess uric acid in the body.
Doctors have recommended that people should be wary of eating large quantity of meat.
They suggest that people should attempt to maintain a balanced diet which consists of meat, fruits and vegetables, among other things, to prevent any ailments associated with eating too much meat.
Dr Sheikh Muhammad Naseem Medical Officer, British High Commission told that people should eat less meat.
He said meat should be frozen soon after the sacrifice to preserve its nutritional value and avoid an infestation of germs on it.
He said half-frozen meat could cause diarrhea and suggested that people should cook the meat again after freezing.
He added that people suffering from blood pressure, diabetes and excessive uric acid must avoid overeating meat.
Dr Naseem said people should clean their teeth after eating meat as this could help them avoid catching diseases.
He said Eidul Azha should be celebrated with special precautions about health, as excessive use of red meat, salt and chilies could increase stomach acidity and could be dangerous for those with of regurgitation problems, stomach ulcers, diabetes, hypertension, hepatitis and liver, renal or cardiac problems.—APP

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