DMC South presents over Rs59.8b surplus budget for FY2022-23


The District Municipal Corporation (DMC) South has presented the surplus budget of over Rs. 59.8 billion for the financial year 2022-23, with a surplus of over Rs.8.84 lakh. The total estimated expenditure is at over Rs. 59.8 billion.

The district administration has allocated over Rs 36.9 billion for salaries of employees; over Rs12.5 billion for development works in the district, over Rs340 million for contingencies and 1 crore for Capital Income; Rs548.5 million for repair and maintenance work.

It also earmarked Rs12.5 million for any calamities and environmental protection. It allocated over Rs. 12.5 billion for development works in the district.

The DMC South expects to earn over Rs.650.6 million in next financial year, while it will get Rs 48.2 billion from Sindh government.

Besides, it has earmarked Rs.13 crore for payment in dues. Administrator DMC South Dr Afshan Rubab Syed, while exercising her authority as provided under Sindh government notification, presented this budget, while Municipal Commissioner South Akhtar Ali Shaikh, Senior Accounts Officer Naeem Yousufi, Director Administrator Muhammad Raeesi were present.



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