Divisional domestic cricket system can satisfy all stakeholders: Majid


Whilst the Pakistan Cricket Board looks in no rush to review the current domestic cricket system amid voices from the sport’s fraternity calling for restora-tion of departmental teams, former legend Majid Khan has proposed a solution that he believed can satisfy all stakeholders.

After the passing of its new constitution in 2019, the PCB virtually ended the role of departments and introduced six provincial cricket association sides which compete in three tournaments at the top-tier. The move was said to be inspired by then Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision for Pakistan cricket.

The revamping of the old system was met with criticism from the cricket community as it led to many players, coaches and even groundsmen losing their jobs with departments and clubs. Majid said neither the departmental system nor a six-team structure would work in Pakistan’s favour.

The former PCB chief believed a system in which the divisional sides are sponsored by departments is the one that would benefit all parties.

“All the 11 divisional teams including one each of Lahore and Karachi, which are larger in size against many divisions, should play first class cricket and the interested departments should come forward to sponsor each divisional team,” Majid said.—Agencies