Dissolution: Not a pragmatic decision


THE political temperature gripping the country over last many months does not seem to be subsiding rather every now and then more fuel is added to further heighten it to a new level.

Chairman PTI Imran Khan, in a video message on Saturday, announced the dissolution of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa assemblies on Friday next.

Reacting to this move, cabinet members expressed qualms on PTI Chairman’s decision saying he should have dissolved assemblies instead of giving another deadline of a week time.

Statements from both sides convey the impression that they are not looking for county’s interests and instead their petty political goals.

The country at present is faced with dire economic situation with some economic experts including former Finance Minister Miftah Ismail are alluding to the risk of default.

The country has to undertake mammoth task of reconstruction and rehabilitation of flood-affected areas. A donor conference has also been scheduled in Geneva for 9th of next month.

At such critical times, the nation need to get united rising above politics to meet challenges head on.

It is most unfortunate that our political parties are instead treading opposite course, which in fact will further complicate the matters.

It is not time to play political cards but to sit together to iron out differences and evolve a joint strategy to deal with multi-dimensional challenges.

As we have been suggesting in these columns, both government and the PTI will have to demonstrate flexibility in their attitude and thinking.

Instead of challenging the PTI to dissolve assemblies, Cabinet members must try to bring down political temperature by not resorting to fiery speeches.

It is also for the PTI Chairman to understand that assemblies must complete their mandated terms.

The last three assemblies had completed their tenures and this positive trend must continue, otherwise it will set a bad precedence and losing parties will again take to roads and demand snap polls.

This childish tendency of leaving Parliament on part of PTI must come to an end. Being one of the largest parties, people expect maturity and sensible handling of issues from the PTI leadership.

While sitting together, the PDM and the PTI must focus on real issue of electoral reforms so that in future nobody could raise finger on election results and losing parties readily concede their defeat.

This will bring political stability and ultimately economic stability in the country. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif in a statement rightly stated that only political stability and a charter of economy can strengthen Pakistan’s national security. A serious effort also needs to be made towards this end.