Diplomatic community, Pakistani friends to miss ‘an explorer’ diplomat


DHM France Yves Manville leaving Islamabad after completion of term

Zubair Qureshi

The outgoing Deputy Head of Mission First Counsellor of the Embassy of France, Yves Manville is known for his immense curiosity and fondness for Pakistan’s history, culture, people and places.

This unique characteristic of his personality was highlighted even by Ambassador of France Nicolas Galey at a farewell ceremony held in his honour at the Residence of France.

Yves Manville is an adventurer diplomat, said Ambassador Galey, adding there was no limit to his curiosity and keenness, which are, however, essential ingredients of diplomacy. While wishing him the best of luck for his future endeavors, Ambassador Nicolas Galey said he was impressed with the knowledge, energy and pains his deputy took to accomplish the tasks which otherwise seemed difficult to achieve.

Manville’s friends list includes members of the diplomatic community, civil society, parliamentarians, representatives from industry, academia, chambers of commerce, media, military and even literary fields.

Ikram Sehgal, columnist and writer, Aisha Farooqi former Spokesperson Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr Amr Nasr Eid, first secretary embassy of Egypt, Dr Moeed Pirzada anchorperson, colleagues of the French embassy, fellow diplomats, a representative from the military and some close friends had come from Islamabad, Sialkot and even Faisalabad to express their love and gratitude for the outgoing deputy head of mission.Ambassador Galey was all praise for his Deputy saying his adventurous spirit had no bounds. The ambassador referred to his collection of articles about Pakistan, its history, culture and rich heritage. He also mentioned piles of newspapers at his desk and wondered how he had the time to read and underline them.

Ambassador Nicolas Galey mentioned two important occasions when Yves Manville played an upfront role during the ‘crisis of caricatures’ and ‘Covid-19.’ He always remained concerned about the safety of the staff of the embassy and was available to them in case of any emergency, said the ambassador. I am sure, Yves, you are taking along a lot of loving memories from Pakistan which has turned out to be like a second home to you, said the ambassador.

In his vote of thanks, the outgoing DHM thanked the eminent columnist, writer Ikram Sehgal and anchorperson Dr Moeed Pirzada and all those who had turned up for attending the farewell party. Yves Manville also mentioned his fondness for Allama Iqbal’s poetry saying he admired the Poet of the East since his adolescent days. Last month, he visited Allama’s birthplace in Sialkot and termed it quite an enlightening experience.


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