Digital skills in high demand



Chinese firms are increasingly looking for professionals with a set of digital skills in a bid to gain a competitive edge amid industrial upgrading, a report showed.
Demand for talent with emerging skills triples that for those with common skills, with digitalization-related qualifications being prioritized in China, global employment-oriented social networking platform LinkedIn said in a talent intelligence report based on an analysis of recruitment information of its enterprise members.
Full stack development, artificial intelligence and blockchain know-how are the most wanted technical skills, while compliance knowledge, digital marketing skills and risk management are also in high demand, the report showed.
The growing demand for such skills echoes Chinese enterprises’ drive to transform their businesses with digital technologies and tools, said Nancy Wang, head of talent solutions with LinkedIn China, adding that it is also necessary to take a data-based smart approach in talent recruitment and management.
China is stepping up the promotion of the integration of digital technologies with the real economy to support the growth of agriculture, manufacturing and consumption. Global market intelligence firm IDC expects the digital economy to account for 60 percent of global GDP by 2022, with the share in China even higher at 65 percent.—Xinhua

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