DIG for devising fool proof security plan on Eid-ul- Fitr


Police have devised a fool proof security plan to maintain law and order in Hyderabad on the occa-sion of Eid-ul-Fitre and decision has been made to ensure strict security for Eid gatherings. Deputy Inspector General Police, Syed Pir Muhammad Shah has directed all SSPs of the region to be on high alert while tightening security measures on the occasion of Eid at all central mosques, Eidgahs, Jamaat Khanas and open spaces.

Police have been instructed to make extraordinary security arrangements at all shopping centers, public places, Eid Bachat Bazaars, railway stations, bus terminals and other places. The DIG directed the concerned authorities to form surveillance teams at the police station level and tighten the internal and external security of public places, recreational places and Eid prayer gatherings in the open areas. All SSPs have also been directed to keep a close watch on suspicious persons and objects and closely monitor the entry and exit routes of the concerned districts.

The DIG directed that temporary check posts be set up at various places on the national highways with increased police patrols to ensure safe journey of passengers on the occasion of Eid. He also directed to deploy plainclothes personnel to keep a close watch on the miscreants. Syed Pir Muhammad Shah also directed to set up a control room for providing moment to moment situation during Eid days. He also directed to maintain traffic flow so that people could not face any difficulty.