Dharna: Impact on Kashmir


Tariq Khalil

IN an interactive dialogue, in his expose on Kashmir presented a detailed review of the current situation. It is now more than 100 days, curfew is still imposed, all major leaders of Kashmir are in prison. One figure, fifteen thousand, unofficially, around thirty thousand young boys have been taken into custody and have been shifted to northern India in concentration camps. Young girls, some even minors are disappearing, rape and plunder has become order of the day. Their families do not know where they are. Before August, Ali Gillani had appealed to the world to help before another human tragedy occurs. Alas, world, western powers and US looking other way due to their strategic or economic interests. Barring some odd politicians who are raising their voice and questioning their Governments. The torturing and intimidation of Kashmiri nation is going on unabated since Modi Government perceive they can get away with this, ie, outright annexation of Kashmir. Whereas what we are doing?
The momentum of exterior diplomacy has slowed, while we should have moved SC again. After outright occupation next step of Modi govt will be to marginalise the population of Kashmir under National Registration Act as they are doing in Assam where over two million Muslims have been made alien. That is the scheme waiting to be implemented. Demography of Kashmir is going to be altered. This will impact any plebiscite if ever held. India has already circulating maps showing Pak area as India. Encouraged, on the mute response of international community, they have now got Indian SC judgement in Babri Masjid case. More to come on Indian Muslims. Contrary, Pakistan’s internal tug of war has damaged the nations morale on one side, made bureaucracy to sit on the fence, and that it is impacting the governance and development. Dharna in the last one month has eclipsed Kashmir. Rather Maulana’s statement that if India have annexed Kashmir, Pakistan has merged FATA is worst ever statement made by a political leader. In an interview to an anchor on 7 Nov he declared he is not bothered if anarchy spread in Pakistan. This is a totally seditious statement, and has been wider coverage by India media. It is great disservice to Pakistan and insulting millions of Pakistanis who suffered in making possible Pakistan. Was it line given to him? I presume yes knowing his contacts with Ajit Doval. Kashmir, is internationally recognised disputed territory and its status can not be altered. Might is Right is India’s policy. Whereas FATA is Pakistan territory from day one. Revocation of Article 370, which Pakistan never recognised, was needed for special status which was granted by Maharaja Hari Singh while signing under duress, Instrument of Accession with India on 26 Oct 1947.
Pakistani media which has its share of forces inimical to Pakistan has virtually put Kashmir on the backburner. They are more bothered what will be next move of Dharna, or sickness of Nawaz Sharif, a convict. Or other sick VIP(s). Let there be no doubt main aim of the forces inimical to Pakistan is, if not decimate, make it a banana republic with such corrupt leaders on top who will be willing to, check CPEC, control on assets on way or other, stall economic progress , close or stall CEPC , and put the country in reverse gear to ensure it remain at alms from the US and the West. Teach IK lesson how dare he defy. Being in coalition, with a few seats, carpet can be pulled any time. Fifth generation war is already unleashed from last two three years, and every lever will be used to create unrest, a la economy, army and governance being primary targets. Defence forces being centre of gravity being the custodian and defenders on the face of security threats are main target. Ajit wants to repeat 1971 experiment but Pakistan was caught unaware at that time. No more. The response will be severe and hard hitting since Pakistan’s existence at stake. Civil bureaucracy, once the finest in Asia in fifties and sixties has been ruined by successive regimes to serve their political interests, making them partner in corruption and by destroying the very fabric. Due to their efficiency, dedication and honesty they were called the Guardians during British period, were the very people (civil service) who made stand Pakistan on its feet in the aftermath of partition. Dharna, is nothing but a tool of war unleashed on Pakistan, one, polarise the country, two, save the corrupt. It is therefore necessary to deal with it adroitly but firmly to end it soon.
—The writer, a retired Brigadier, is decorated veteran of 65 & 71 wars and a defence analyst based in Lahore.

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