Dharejo warns factory owners of penalties if salaries not paid


Sindh Minister for Industries &Commerce Jam IkramullahDharejo while taking notice of the reports that factories and mill owners are not paying salaries and benefits to their employees, has said that those factories and mill owners, who are doing so, they are violating theiragreement with SindhGovernment. He warned them that not only fines would be imposed on them within the law, but their factories and mills could also be sealed if necessary, according to a news release. He said that the factory and mill owners had ensured to continue paying salaries and benefits to their employees in the lockdown and now that the lockdown had eased considerably and most of the factories and mills had reopened, the employees should be paid. Sindh Minister for Industries and Commerce Jam Ikramullah Dharejo further said that the Sindhgovernment would take action on such complaints and the rights of the poor labourers would be protected in all cases. He said that Eid-ul-Fitr is round the corner and employers need to take extra care of their poor workers on the occasion and non-payment of salaries and benefits is also a violation of human rights. The Minister said that he was aware of the problems of the industrialists but the solution of the problems of the workers would be given priority.

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