Development depends on industrial growth: Azizi


Minister of Commerce and Industry Nooruddin Azizi said that Afghanistan’s development relies on industrial growth in the country.

In a visit to an industrial park in Kabul, Azizi pledged that they would support the industrial sector of Afghanistan.

“The Ministry of Industry and Commerce will support any kind of development in industry. The Islamic Emirate will support the industrial park if it is a governmental or non governmental park,” Azizi said.

The head of the Green Industrial Park, Mohammad Mohsin Amiri, said that they distributed land to nearly 500 factories. 120 of these factories have started practical operations that provided jobs for more than 3,000 people,” he said.

Amiri said that the factories are producing food as well as printing and plastic materials.

The Kabul Chamber of Industry and Mines said the shortage of power and money transactions are the main challenges facing the industrial sector in the country.

“We hope the government can make the banking system normal as soon as possible,” said Mohammad Karim Azimi, a member of the chamber.

More than 5,000 factories were previously active across the country but when the Islamic Emirate came to power, nearly 2,000 factories halted their operations.—Tolonews