Despite SHC orders milk being sold at Rs.110 instead of Rs.94


Irfan Aligi

Pakistan Muslim League Functional (PMLF) General Secretary and Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) Information Secretary Sardar Abdul Rahim said that flawed policies of the rulers in Sindh have caused the prices of poor men’s commodities and edible goods to soar to skies.
Prices of vegetables and groceries are now skyrocketing and are beyond common men’s reach.
He said that there is no writ of the Sindh government in the entire province while the controller general of prices and his team have failed to curb the menace of profiteering and price-hike.
The officers of the Karachi’s price control committee have after being bribed allowed the profiteers to sell the general groceries and other edible items at the prices of their choices.
Rahim said that today, the people are unable to buy even tomato, onion, etc, as prices of these very common groceries have reached an unprecedented hike and are now being sold at Rs.300 per kilogram.
The PMLN GS said that though the Sindh High Court has ordered that the milk should only be sold at Rs.94 peer litre but the fact is that it is sold at Rs.110 per litre under the nose of the provincial government and the civil administration. This is simply an act of contempt to court.
He said that in case the Sindh provincial government does not establish its writ and fails to curb the prices, they should then stay prepared to see the wrath of the masses after they would be compelled to take to streets.

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