Depriving Zardari of medical rights a serious human rights violation: Wahab


Irfan Aligi

It is contrary to laws of the country to deprive the former President Asif Ali Zardari of required medical attention, facility and treatment. This is also a severe violation of the basic human rights.
While raising these points during a press conference, Barrister Murtaza Wahab also slammed the government. Barrister Wahab who is an adviser to Sindh Chief Minister on law and environment and spokesman of Sindh government gave a press conference at Sindh Assembly Committee Room, Wednesday.
Barrister Wahab asked the government to allow the ailing former President Zardari to reach a medical doctor of his choice because this is not a demand but a matter of basic human rights, which the government and everyone should respect. “It is imperative for the federal government to behave sanely and stop violating the constitution”, he said.
He said that Sindh government has achieved another milestone successfully as Sindh Transmission Despatch Company (STDC) has been enlisted as Pakistan’s first provincial Transmission Despatch Company (PTDC) despite that the federal government had did what it could to impede the way forward of Sindh’s achievement in getting that status of PTDC. Today, the PTDC is adding power to the national grid and thus playing its pivotal role in bringing the country close to the goal of self-reliance and prosperity. This is the success story of the people of Sindh and the credit goes to the visionary leaders of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) added he.
Barrister Wahab, on a point, said that Sindh governor has exceeded his constitutional limits as Governor as he has called on different influential in the district of Dadu close to the conduction of by-polls. The governor has violated the provisions of the constitution seriously for which he stands liable. Besides, the governor lied to the people that he had not called on any influential in Dadu.
Adviser to the CM said that in his 14 month long stay at governor House and governor of the province, Imran Ismail has not done a single good work for the betterment of the people of the province.
He said that the people of Sindh would have praised and loved him if he3 had played his role as governor regarding the completion of Green Line Project, Karachi Circular Railways and Sindh’s due share from the National Finance Commission (NFC) but sadly he only did a poor lip service which is the hall mark of his mother party the Pakistan Tehreek-e Insaf.

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