Deplorable raid on Turkish companies


TWO Turkish companies — Albayrak and OZPAK — have deplored raid of the Punjab Police on their garages and workshops in Lahore. The companies claim that raids were carried out without any notice or any legal justification, all their equipment was seized and company employees and managers were forcibly thrown out of workshops disallowing them even to take their personal belongings with them.
The two companies have been in Pakistan since 2012 rendering exemplary services in the field of waste management and it was because of their meticulous planning and hard work that Lahore and Rawalpindi are in a presentable shape. Residents of these two big cities were weary of heaps of garbage seen in each and every corner of these cities before the contract for garbage lifting and cleaning was outsourced to them and they heaved a sigh of relief when these companies changed the look of the two cities. It, however, seems that some local vested interests are out not just to undermine a model waste management system but also harm Pakistan’s closest relations with Turkey. The government seems to have a jaundiced approach to projects and programmes launched by the previous government even if they were highly beneficial for the society. This also became evident from the treatment meted out to Orange Line projects in Lahore and lack of required progress on Metro Bus projects that would link the new Islamabad International Airport with the Capital and Rawalpindi threatening wastage of money already invested on the project and undue cost escalation due to deliberate delays. Turkey is a sincere friend of Pakistan and its leadership provided unconditional support to Pakistan at difficult times and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan went the extra mile to help Pakistan tackle some of the challenging issues including waste management. Police violence against two Turkish companies needs to be thoroughly probed and prompt action taken against those responsible for the ugly situation. The raid has sent a wrong message not just to Turkey but also investors from other countries and, therefore, it ought to catch attention at the highest level.

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