Departure of MNS


BARRING some unexpected development, PML(N) supremo Mian Nawaz Sharif is all set to fly abroad for
medical treatment of his complex ailment that has raised alarm bells in almost all circles. There had been reports for some time that there is no hurdle in the way of his departure abroad except his own willingness but according to latest reports his well-wishers have persuaded him to change his mind for the sake of his own health, discarding all other political considerations including momentary or lasting negative impact of the decision for PML(N).
There are all sorts of rumours as to what actually happened behind the scene but the fact remains that that fast deteriorating health of PML(N) chief was a humanitarian issue and sanity finally prevailed to treat the issue as such. It is generally agreed that there should be no politics over health of a personality and therefore, the decision to allow MNS to get treatment of his choice is laudable as now both he himself and his family nor his sympathizers would have genuine complaint that he was allowed to languish in jail despite serious medical issues. There are some circles that see a deal but ground realities belie that theory as he has been granted limited two-month reprieve by the court and extension is possible with the approval of the Punjab Chief Minister, an option that the party leadership has already ruled out to exercise. Similarly, the very fact that his daughter Maryam Nawaz is not accompanying him as her passport stands deposited with the court and the Government has shown unwillingness to remove her name from the Exit Control List (ECL). Maryam too has made it clear that MNS is going abroad in view of his serious health conditions and that life of his father is above all considerations. Her sentiments and concern about her father are understandable as she has already lost mother and that too in circumstances that cause bitter taste in her life. PML(N) might have to face criticism and propaganda but the decision to get treatment abroad should not be linked with politics as we regrettably witnessed in the case of Begum Kulsoom Nawaz.

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