Denying Burial Rites to Kashmiris


OF LATE there has once again been an upsurge in the extra-judicial killing of Kashmiris in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmiri. Over the last one month or so, about thirty Kashmiris have been martyred.

Moral bankruptcy of the Indian authorities is also at peak as they are ceasing bodies of the martyred Kashmiris and denying their families the right to a proper Islamic burial. The Kashmiris are also not being allowed to offer Friday prayers in mosques.

In fact the heaven would have fallen and the international community would have resorted to a huge hue and cry if such despicable and inhumanly abhorrent occurrences had taken place in some Muslim country or against non-Muslims.

The international community’s silence over Indian atrocities of all sorts on Kashmiris is really a criminal act and speaks volume of their double standards on human rights.

Through its barbaric acts, the Indian government wants to change the very demographic structure of the disputed territory in order to illegally seize this piece of land.

But the way it has failed over the last seven decades or so, the unbreakable resolve and commitment of Kashmiris to their land will foil its nefarious designs and plots in future as well. These brave Kashmiris are not afraid of rendering their blood to save their identity.

History is a testimony to the fact that such freedom struggles against tyrants always meet success and we are confident that the day is not far when the Kashmiri people will also see the dawn of independence.

The people and government of Pakistan have always stood shoulder to shoulder with their Kashmiri brothers and sisters and continue to so do till they get the promised right to self-determination.

Whilst Muslim countries should also speak openly for the Kashmiris, the world community will have to act to get stopped the Indian atrocities in the occupied valley and pressurize it to move towards the resolution of dispute in accordance with the UNSC resolutions for durable peace and stability in this part of the world.

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