Dengue cases rise across country


The metropolis cities of Pakistan saw a sharp surge in dengue cases as 62 patients were diagnosed with dengue in the past 24 hours in Lahore, whereas Islamabad reported 55 new dengue cases in the last 24 hours and Karachi Health Department confirmed 113 dengue cases in 24 hours. While the Covid cases saw a decline across Punjab and other parts of Pakistan, dengue cases started increasing rapidly across Pakistan.

The genie of dengue is out of control in Lahore, as 62 more new cases reported while152 dengue patients are under treatment in different hospitals in the city. On the other hand, during the anti-dengue campaign, 1,686 dengue larvae were recovered from different places, which were disposed of on the spot.

Medical officials have instructed citizens to wear full-sleeved shirts and use mosquito repellent lotion to protect themselves from dengue mosquitoes. A total of 55 new dengue patients were admitted to the hospitals in Islamabad in the last 24 hours. According to DHO Zaeem Zia, 36 people from rural areas and 19 people from urban areas were suffering from of dengue. The total number of dengue patients reached 424 in rural areas and 244 in urban areas.

With the latest figure, the tally of the season in the city has reason to 668. It is to be mentioned here that three deaths have also been reported due to dengue.

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