Demand of ‘Winter Delights’ increases in twin cities

Staff Reporter

As the temperature turning to cold waves day by day the demand of ‘’winter delights’’ increases among people including different types of soups ‘gajar ka halwa’, coffee, fried fish,saji,’ and dry fruits during evening and nights where people along with families are being seen to enjoy these items in order to keep themselves warm.

A great number of citizens can be seen outside shops and winter food stalls are doing good business due to the rising demand for such foods and huge rush of food lovers are being witnessed on stalls and shops selling

The demand of soups, fried fish and ‘gajar ka halwa’ has increased manifold and fish outlets in different cities were crowded with young customers.

A vendor Raza Saeed from Aabpara market said winter months always bring additional business for them and we continue selling hot Kashmiri tea” and fast food items which usually attract citizens in cold nights.

A shopkeeper at G-p markaz Abdullah Hameed selling chicken corn soup said, winter was the per-fect time to earn handsome amount through selling chicken corn soup which is our trade mark.

Eateries serving delights attracting significant num-ber of families especially on weekends to enjoy the desi cuisine, Another shopkeeper said that ‘halwa’ in desi ghee keeps the body warm and this is why it is extensively used in winter.

A group of young girls said, these outlets are attract-ing a large number of customers after the cold wave has griped country with fog and shopkeepers who decorated their shops with buntings to attract cus-tomers. The winter food stalls are doing good busi-ness due to the rising demand for the foods.

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