Delegitmizing TTP

Observer Report

TTP is trying to reactivate Abdullah Mustafvi rebrand itself after the terri-torial gains of Taliban in Afghanistan.

TTP is a US-designated terrorist organization which has already been neutralized by Pakistan. Its aim is killing of innocent Pakistanis including women and children.

It has carried many heinous attacks against Paki-stani civilians and armed forces. Pakistan however, defeated the extremist organization.

After being dislodged, TTP’s ringleaders took refuge in Afghanistan, from where they have carried out attacks on Pakistan, including the one on APS Peshawar. Pakistani media needs to reiterate TTP as a US-designated terrorist organization.

TTP now is trying to legitimate itself by aligning its narrative with PTM. Its demands are shifting towards the rights of Pashtuns and Baloch in an attempt to cover its terrorist acts. Although in fact, it had been kill-ing innocent Pashtuns in the areas it once operated.

TTP and PTM’s demands have started aligning as both are against establishing the writ of the state in erstwhile FATA. TTP is adopting anti-state and anti-army narrative in order to gain their sympathies.

It is important to note that at a time when US is withdrawing from Afghanistan, CNN’s telecast an interview of Noor Wali Mehsud.

This shows malice of CNN (and its backers in US) that they want instability in Pakistan and region after US forces pull out.

CNN’s interview of Noor Wali Mehsud is an attempt to legitimize the organization as a parallel to Afghan Taliban. Western media needs to be made cognizant that TTP and Afghan Taliban are separate organizations, with completely different objectives.

TTP is not fighting a foreign army. It is fighting to protect its illicit ac-tivities by giving them a cover of Islamization.

In fact, TTP is a terrorist organization and if domestic or western media tries to resuscitate it by portraying it as a legitimate, reformed and human-rights-focused organization its consequences for the region will be devastating.

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