Delay in Hajj flight, attitude of PIA staff spark protest at Jeddah Airport

Tariq Saeed
Jeddah (KSA)

While the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony has this year made elaborate arrangements to facilitate the pilgrims (Hajis) to great extent specially those going to sacred land through government scheme, the irresponsible attitude of the Pakistan Air line (PIA) and delay in flights tarnished all the official efforts that also led to a protest of the Hajis at the Jeddah International Airport on Tuesday.

The Hajis who were brought to the Airport 12 hours prior to the schedule flight time i.e 12.10 p.m despite issuance of boarding passes a day earlier, lost their temper and protested vehemently against the concerned quarters when flight was delayed for four hours.

What added to their anguish was the callous attitude of the PIA staff at Jeddah Airport Hajj terminal as it disappeared from the scene handing over the job to the Saudi staffers. Starving since midnight the Pilgrims were not offered Breakfast and even lunch despite laps of 14 hours though the Staffers of the Pakistan Hajj Mission were trying their level best to consol the suffering Hajis who were greatly perturbed over the situation as every functionary at the Airport was clueless about the delay in flight.


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