Delay in completion of IJP-Road irk commuters of twin cities


The commuters in Rawalpindi-Islamabad have been facing severe traffic jams, dust and smoke pollution issues due to the IJ Principal Road expansion project which is being carried out to improve the road infrastructure.

The residents hail along IJ Principal Road, I-8, I-9, I-10, and Satellite Town have demanded its early completion as the dust and smoke pollution was causing respiratory diseases in the area and the project has also significantly affected the ecological environment of the twin cities. The primary concern has been the heavy vehicles that are constantly moving in and out of the construction during peak hours, Rehman Ahmed a road user said, adding that long queues and significant delays cause frustration as well as inconvenience for commuters.

Another citizen, Abdul Jabbar said that drivers are violating traffic rules by not following lane discipline and overtaking from the wrong side. This result in further chaos on the already congested road, he added.

He said that commuters are having a tough time navigating through the traffic and reaching their destinations on time. He said that the road construction project is already causing significant disruptions, and breakdowns of vehicles only worsen the situation.

He said that the situation has become so dire that commuters have started to seek alternative routes to avoid the IJP Road.

A resident of Satellite Town Maaz Khan said the passage of heavy vehicular traffic coming from various parts of the country was causing mental agony for the commuters owing to the traffic jams at various points of the under-construction project.

When contacted by the Islamabad Traffic Police, an official informed that the authorities are aware of the problem and have taken measures to address it.

However, he said the construction project is expected to continue till 23rd March 2023 and the flow of traffic will be restored.