Deft Corona handling


AS a vaccination campaign is underway to immunize people against the deadly Covid-19 virus, reports from across the country speak of immaculate arrangements made both by the Federal and the Punjab governments to administer vaccines to frontline health workers and senior citizens.

The procedure/protocol developed by the health officials under the guidance of Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Health, Dr Faisal Sultan, is serving as an incentive and encouragement to citizens to register themselves for vaccination.

No doubt, initially, people demonstrated no enthusiasm for registration and preferred to wait and see but the experience shared by those who went through the process are serving as a motivation for others to follow the suit.

This is because elaborate arrangements have been made to ensure safe administration of vaccines and this includes carrying blood tests before vaccination and keeping people under medical observation afterwards to ward against any negative reaction.

Similar arrangements have also been made by National Institute of Health (NIH) and other public sector medical institutions for diagnosis of the virus, tracking and tracing of the infected people and proper guidance for patients.

As the country is passing through the third wave of virus, there is now increased awareness among people to get themselves vaccinated because the trend shows the virus is there to stay for an indefinite period and we can resume normal life only through vaccination and observance of SOPs.

People also need to understand that apart from serving as protection against Covid-19, wearing masks and washing of hands have become a necessity in the backdrop of poor environmental and hygienic conditions.

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