Deepika Rasangika gives credit to Sri Lanka Cricket for her world record

Bipin Dani

Bahrain’s Deepika Rasangika, who created the world record for highest individual score in Women’s T20Is has not forgotten to give credit to Sri Lanka Cricket.

The 38-year-old Sri Lanka-born Deepika had played more than 60 international matches (ODIs’ and T-20Is) before moving to Bahrain. She scored a mammoth 161 off just 66 balls with 31 fours in the extraordinary innings against Saudi Arabia.

“What I have become as a cricketer or as a person the credit should first go to Sri Lanka, but I’ve moved to Bahrain in 2017 to have a better life for me and my family and Bahrain Cricket Federation (BCF) have given me the opportunity to play international cricket. Because of that opportunity I was able to achieve this milestone. So, I love both the countries equally”, she said over the telephone from Oman, where her team would play two more matches.

“I have no words to express my joy for this world record. It just happened in a few hours. From a team of amateur cricketers, my name stands against a world record. I was shocked to know that I booked the world record and feeling I am on cloud nine and living a life in paradise”.

Deepika broke the record of Alyssa Healey. “I have met Healey in the past and have played against her Australian team in the 2013 World Cup. It was her achievement and I am proud and honored to surpass her record. Wishing her good luck for her future cricket career”.

Deepika has also thanked her coach Artha and team for the support. “Artha pushed us hard and motivated us to do our best. The support I received from my team was also incredible”, she added.

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