Death of PDM written on wall, says Rasheed

Sheikh Rashid

Calling the negotiation offer a ploy to gain time, Awami Muslim League chief Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has said that the death of PDM is written on the wall. The former minister posted a video message on his twitter handle on Thursday saying that the ruling alliance wanted to gain time by deceiving the nation in the name of negotiations.

They delayed by announcing five-day Eid holidays, he added. The PDM would be annihilated by the masses [in elections], he continued. Rashid said that the result of meeting of 13 parties has come out. There were parties in the meeting who have never been seen in the assembly. They finished corruption cases worth Rs1,100 billion, destroyed the NAB, sent criminals to London, and harping on numbers three or four. He said the judiciary would uphold supremacy of the law and the Constitution.

The judiciary is subordinate to the law and the Constitution and all institutions of Pakistan are subordinate to judiciary, he maintained. The judiciary has decided that election would be held on May 14 and could not go beyond 90 days, the former minister said.—INP