DDC nods development projects in three cities of Punjab


The Departmental Development Committee under the chairmanship of Local Government Secretary Syed Mubasher Hussain approved development schemes worth about Rs 890 millions in three cities of the province. These schemes include construction and repair of various roads and beautification of chowks.

According to the details, the cost of these schemes is estimated at 295 m in Jardanwala, Rs. 210 million in Wazirabad and Rs. 380 m in Kamonki. Main Bazaar Road, Water Works Road, Muhammad Ali Park Road, GT Road, Lahore Road, Rashid Park Road and Gulistan Cinema Road will be constructed and repaired in Jaranwala besides renovation of Karmanwala Chowk, Nankana Mor Chowk and Anar Kali Bazaar Chowk of Jaranwala city.

Syed Mubashir Hussain further said that Shaheed Road, Double Railway Road, Muslim Road, Pir Mithha Road, Jinah Colony Road, Western Circular Road, and Railway Colony Road construction project in Wazirabad. are part. In Wazirabad City, Telephone Exchange Chowk, Hajipura Chowk and People Chowk will be constructed and beautified. Mari Road, New Green Market Road and Aimanabad Road will be constructed in Kamonki.

The Secretary directed the concerned officers to issue tenders without any delay for the execution of these projects as soon as possible and traffic during the development works must be channelized smoothly of while the citizens should be fully informed about the alternative plan.

He said that the budget had also been allocated for planting trees on both sides of the roads in these schemes. Managing Director of Punjab Municipal Development Fund Company Syed Zahid Aziz gave a briefing regarding the approved development schemes.

Additional Secretary Development, Deputy Secretary Development Section. Officer project and chief officers of the three tehsil municipal corporations were also present.