Dawlance wins UNOCHA award for brand’s efforts in fighting Covid-19

Staff Reporter

Dawlance is Pakistan’s leading manufacturer of home-appliances and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Arcelik – the 2nd largest manufacturer in Europe.

The company has now won a prestigious award from the ‘United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs’ (UNOCHA), to recognize the company’s efforts against Covid-19.

Dawlance had proactively implemented all safety protocols across its nationwide distribution network, while ensuring continuity of its robust manufacturing operations.

The health and wellbeing of customers, employees and stakeholders was effectively protected, while the company contributed generously to help the nation minimize the impact of this pandemic and the global lockdowns.

UNOCHA collaborated with Health and Nutrition Development Society (HANDS) Pakistan, along with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), to organize an event, to reward the corporate entities, that joined the nation’s fight against Covid-19 and to raise awareness of vaccinating undocumented persons/refugees.

The Head of UNOCHA in Pakistan – Ms. Choice Ufuomo Okoro presented the prestigious award to the Chief Executive Officer of Dawlance – Mr. Umar Ahsan Khan.

In her address to the forum, Ms. Okoro stated that; Pakistan is among the leading nations that tackled the COVID-19 with an iron hand; all this was possible because of the relentless efforts of the political leadership, along with the corporate and social sectors.

The Chief Executive Officer of HANDS Pakistan Dr. Shaikh Tanveer Ahmed, said that “Throughout the COVID-19 crisis and still, the Corporate and Social Sector has transformed into a relief angel in Pakistan, helping thousands to secure food, shelter, and Covid-19 Vaccination.

Thanks to the generosity of our Corporate Peers and Partners in the fight against Covid-19. It was indeed impossible to get hold of the results we are seeing today without our corporate partners.

I believe that we still need to do more vaccinating 100% of the documented and undocumented population of the country.”

The Chief Executive Officer – Umar Ahsan Khan stated that: “It is a great honor for Dawlance to receive an Appreciation-Award from an esteemed global organization like; UNOCHA.

It is a recognition of our brand’s generous contributions for the fight against the pandemic, as we have donated valuable technologies to many healthcare institutions, while providing food-supplies and other essential items to the affected communities.

This shows the company’s strong commitment to ensure socio-economic development and sustainable growth of the society.”

Dawlance is a consumer-focused brand, which believes that; Pakistan’s weak healthcare infrastructure needs significant enrichment in the face of the outbreak.

Therefore, it is inspiring the resourceful corporate sector to safeguard the nation, against large scale challenges, in future too.

The recent Corporate Social Responsibility’ (CSR) initiatives of this brand, include: A generous donation of nearly 120 high-quality Dawlance appliances, including more than 40 refrigerators & freezers, 60 air-conditioners, has been made to The Indus Hospital (TIH) in Karach, along with a number of microwave ovens, water-dispensers and electric-kettles given to the hospital.

In another gesture; Dawlance has collaborated with the ‘Karachi Relief Trust’, to support in establishing ‘High Dependency Units’ (HDUs) in hospitals.

In another humanitarian effort – the parent company – Arcelik has also donated 10 respiratory ventilators to various medical-care institutions in Pakistan.

Two of these ventilators were granted to the NDMA Covid Hospital, Islamabad. Two more ventilators have been installed at TIH Karachi. Another two ventilators were installed at the Sindh Institute of Urology & Transplant (SIUT), Karachi.

Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital has also received two ventilators from Arcelik, while the Lady-Reading Hospital in Peshawar was given one ventilator and the Dow Hospital (Ojha Campus) has also received one ventilator.

Moreover, Dawlance-Arcelik has produced, in-house, many incubation-chambers and PPEs to safeguard the health of Medical Staff at various healthcare institutions.


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