Dastardly attack


FIVE precious lives were lost while twelve people received injuries when a powerful bomb exploded in the parking lot of a hotel in Quetta.

According to bomb disposal squad, between 80kg to 90kg of explosive material was used. The team added that ball bearings and C4 explosive material was used in the blast.

Some media reports suggested that Chinese Ambassador Nong Rong, who was in Quetta heading a delegation, apparently was target of the terrorist attack but luckily not present at the time of blast.

China is closely cooperating with Pakistan in its quest for socio-economic development and a number of high profile projects are under implementation in Balochistan, which would go a long way in transforming lot of the people of province.

There have been consistent reports that some foreign forces, with active collaboration of some local elements, are trying to derail Pakistan’s march on road to progress and prosperity and Chinese nationals working on various projects are being targeted as part of their nefarious plans.

One must appreciate the resolve of Chinese leadership and engineers, technicians working on various projects in Pakistan for their proper understanding of the machinations of enemies of Sino-Pak friendship and their determination to pursue their pro-Pakistan development mission undeterred.

Pakistan armed forces and law enforcing agencies have carried out a successful operation against terrorists yet incidents like attack on a well-secured hotel in Quetta highlight the reality that threat is far from over.

It is also an open secret that foreign agents are active in destabilising Balochistan and Indian consulates in neighbouring Afghanistan have no worthwhile objective other than masterminding acts of sabotage and terrorism in Pakistan.

The details of India’s terrorist activities in Balochistan are contained in dossiers that Pakistan has already presented to the UN Secretary-General and important capitals of the world.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad has also pointed out that India was involved in conspiracies to destabilise Pakistan through different tactics adding that during past eight to ten days, an estimated 250,000-300,000 social media accounts were created in India to unleash anti-Pakistan propaganda.

It is also openly known that India is hatching conspiracies against China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and with this in view there is need for heightened security for all CPEC-related projects and the manpower working on these projects.


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