Daraz seller conference held


Staff Reporter


Daraz held a Seller Conference in Peshawar. More than 200 sellers attended the event, where they were updated on the latest features that the platform has introduced such as collectible vouchers.
The seller conference is an annual event hosted by Daraz that focuses on enabling local sellers by providing them with technical assistance, teaching them how to improve their online footprint and helping them boost their sales. It also serves as a platform for sellers to interact with Daraz’s management.
At this year’s seminar, the sellers were taught how to create collectible vouchers for customers visiting the Daraz app. They also learntthe most efficient ways of listing products and fulfilling orders.
Daraz aims to empower people by providing everyone with an opportunity to do business, regardless of location. As such, sellers are considered to be the main stakeholders at the ecommerce company and a primary objective at Daraz is to include and educate those looking to sell their products online.