Daraz launches DExports, opening int’l markets for local sellers


Observer Report


In collaboration with Alibaba, Daraz has launched DExports, a program that will give local sellers the opportunity to list their products on Alibaba’s B2B website, thus, enabling them to reach a larger, global customer base. Daraz is providing complete support to local exporters to help them capitalise on this opportunity in the form of free-of-cost trainings, knowledge sharing and offering a full ecosystem of payments and logistics support.
The 2018 acquisition of Daraz by Alibaba opened up a number of opportunities for the Pakistan-based ecommerce leader. Since then, Daraz has been able to leverage Alibaba’s expertise in technology and online commerce to drive growth at the national and international levels, and has become a strategic channel partner for Alibaba.com. DExports is a product of the collaborative relationship between the two companies.
As Alibaba’s local partner, Daraz will assist Pakistani sellers list their products on Alibaba.com through an annual membership program which will give them complete access to the global market. Daraz will support local exporters by providing them with essential knowledge regarding global trade. As the leading e-commerce platform in South Asia, Daraz will also share unique insights on digital entrepreneurship with local sellers.
“Daraz will bring unprecedented opportunities for Pakistani exporters using Alibaba.com’s Gold Supplier Membership. With its local knowledge, experience in e-commerce and training facilities, Daraz has the potential to unlock hidden export potential in thousands of sellers across Pakistan,”Jan Poeter, Head of Cross Border, Daraz.

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