Daraz 11.11 fuels growth of Pakistan’s ecommerce landscape


Staff Reporter


Daraz 11.11 (Gyara Gyara) 2019 brought together the platform’s entire ecosystem and proved that Pakistan’s ecommerce industry has immense growth potential. Highly prepared sellers, delivery agents and the robust logistics infrastructure that Daraz has built over the past year were the conerstones to success of this year’s event.
“This Gyara Gyara brought together the best of our innovative practices. The entire ecosystem truly came together and proved that ecommerce in Pakistan is ready for the next level. Not only did our own warehouses fulfil orders at a record pace, but a large number of sellers dispatched their orders at an outstanding pace through the logistics infrastructure that we spent the last year building. This has helped ensure that our customers are satisfied and receive their order on time,” said Ehsan Saya, MD Pakistan.
Almost 20,000 sellers participated in Gyara Gyara 2019 and were provided support, education and active follow-ups during the sale to ensure swift fulfilment of orders. On the first day of sale, Daraz processing centres remained open through the night to accommodate the hundreds of sellers that had lined up outside to drop off packages.
The overwhelming seller accountability has significantly sped up the delivery timelines.
New to this year’s event was the Instant Message feature, that enabled customers to interact directly with sellers during the sale. In total, 3.5 million conversations took place between sellers and customers on the Daraz app about the products on sale.
The various payment methods that Daraz offers its customers is supporting the shift towards digital payments.

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