Cyclone Maha 770-km away from Karachi Fishermen advised to avoid going into deep sea


Staff Reporter

Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has advised fishermen to avoid going into deep sea from Monday ahead of Arabian Sea Cyclone Maha, adding that currently, there is no threat to Pakistan’s coastal area.
Very Severe Cyclonic Storm Maha over the east-central Arabian Sea has tracked further northwestwards during last 12 hours and located at a distance of about 770 km south-southwest of Karachi, the met office said in its advisory.
The Arabian Sea cyclone has maximum sustained surface winds of 180-200 kmph.
Tropical Cyclone Maha is likely to track further west or northwestwards during next 24 hours and then re-curve in east-northeast direction towards Indian Gujarat, according to Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD).
Severe cyclonic storm Maha is likely to make landfall along Gujarat coast in India on the night of Nov 06, Indian weather officials said.
Pakistan’s coastal area is expected to experience gutsy winds and moderate showers under the influence of Cyclone Maha, Chief Meteorologist PMD Sardar Sarfaraz has predicted.
Cyclone Maha develops to category-1 cyclone, and is expected to cause water surges in the UAE’s east coast from Monday, according to the country’s National Centre of Meteorology (NCM).
It will affect the UAE from Monday to Wednesday, the NCM said. The Oman sea was expected to have been rough. “Water surge may affect low land during the period of the high tide over the east coast from Monday to Wednesday,” the weather authority said. An earlier Cyclonic Storm Kyarr dissipated in Arabian Sea without making landfall.
Cyclone “Maha” is just 770 kilometers away from Karachi in South and South-West and this could cause clouds to burst into light rains on Karachi’s coastal belt in coming 48 hours. Cyclone “Maha” does not pose any direct threat to Karachi’s coastal belt but the overall situation in the Ocean would not allow the fishermen to reach deep sea and do fishing.
According to Meteorology Department Chief Sardar Sarfaraz, “Maha” is just 770 kilometers away from Karachi coast with wind speed at 120-140 kilometers per hour and this could bring light rains in city’s coastal areas.
He said that the present direction of “Maha” is towards Oman and the intensity of the cyclone would get enhanced ion coming days. “Maha” after turning towards East and North-East would head towards Gujrat in India and would cross Gujrat on midnight of 6-7 November in the wee hours in intensified form of cyclone.
Karachi coast is out of danger but the overall situation would not be in favour of deep sea fishing boats and fishermen. However, moderate wind pressure and light rains would be resulted then.

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