Cyclone hits Karachi, Thatta coasts; 500 people affected


Irfan Aligi


Worst ever in history of Arabian Ocean, the cyclone Kyar is being followed by another cyclone named as Maha. The Kyar has affected Karachi’s and Thatta’s coastal belts and at least 185 residential units were affected. The rescuers had pulled and shifted around 500 citizens from water-logged low lying areas to safer places.
According to Meteorology Department Director Sarfaraz Ahmed, the Kyar was at the filing of this report 750-km away from Karachi and was heading towards North West side of the direction in the Ocean towards Oman. The low pressure of air with Kyar could either weaken the force of the storm or would forces a shift of direction towards South.
The meteorology Department said that Kyar was the most forceful cyclone of the history till date in Arabian Ocean. The wind pressure calculated thus was 245-km per hour and the cyclone was moving towards North West direction with a speed of 15-km per hour. It also said that the cyclone might not affect any part of Pakistan’s coastal sides in worst form and shape.
Meanwhile, Fisheries had declared an emergency around the coastal belts and low lying areas besides the coastal belts. There were hundreds of fishermen on boats in deep sea and the Society had so far contacted some 132 and 100 boats had returned to the coast safely while 112 were on the way back to the coast – fish port.
According to Meteorology Department, a low pressure could be formed with Kyar and then it might be changed into another new storm, Maha towards Karnataka in India and its impacts would last till November 2.
The overall impacts of Kyar have been unleashed in Karachi and in Thatta. In Karachi, residential colonies near Sea bed, Ibrahim Hyderi and Chashma Goth, have been affected as the water had penetrated into their houses, which affected at least 185 residential units and 500 citizens were affected who had been rescued to safer places.
According to Meteorology Department, a light rain with dust storm was expected in Karachi. It said that the high tides were the results of heavy wind pressure and thus the water was propelled towards the coasts of Karachi and Thatta.
Former Karachi Administrator, Fahim Uz Zaman said that Karachi was being affected with climate changes and in future the cyclones would be in numbers and that the nature has awarded an opportunity to Pakistan for taking required safety measure.
He also criticised the rampant land occupation alongside the Sea belt of the port city and demanded that due safety parameters should now be introduced and implemented to save the population that has chosen to live near the seat belts such as DHA.
The water had also flooded the DHA Golf Club land. At Hawks Bay, water had reached roads and human and vehicular movement was restricted there.

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