Current situation of society isn’t satisfactory, says Iqbal Memon  



Former Chairman of Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI), Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan, speaking at the launch ceremony of his book ‘Iman Aur Bandgi’, said that it is one of the countless gifts given to us by Allah Ta’ala.

I have written it in recognition of Allah’s blessings because faith and worship of Allah make us successful in both religion and the world. Commissioner Karachi Iqbal Memon, KATI Patron General SM Munir, President KATI Salman Aslam, Senior Vice President Maheen Salman, Vice President Farrukh Qandhari, CEO of KITE Ltd Zubair Chhaya, Former Presidents Saleem-uz-Zaman, Farhan-ur-Rehman, Danish Khan and Ehteshamuddin, Johar Qandhari, Deputy Commissioner Korangi Muhammad Ali Zaidi and other senior officials were also present on the occasion. Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan further said that Allah Ta’ala opens the treasures of His blessings on the servant who creates ease for His people.

He said that faith is word and deed and deed is the basis of faith. Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan said that those rulers who do not care about the welfare of the people, will be rewarded on the Day of Resurrection.

He said that Allah Ta’ala has given us Tawfiq, so we should have good manners and fulfill the rights of the people. It is not difficult for a believer to act and he is entitled to heaven. On this occasion, Chief Guest Commissioner Karachi Iqbal Memon said that there was a formal meeting with Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan, but the opportunity to have a detailed discussion came when he came to invite me to the inauguration ceremony.

He said that I have read the book which is very interesting and faith-inspiring, reading the book refreshes faith. He said that it is true that what kind of society we are giving to our future generation, the current situation of our society is not proud. Iqbal Memon said that Islam is a complete code of life, and as Muslims, we have to play our role for the betterment of society.

He said that Sindh is the land of Sufis, thanks to whom Allah has bestowed His special grace on Sindh, especially Pakistan.

KATI Patron-in-Chief SM Muneer said that Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan is my friend and mentor, in our Nation the habit of lying has increased drastically, I am a resident of Canada who does not lie and there are severe punishments there.


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