Current democracy is nothing except fraud


Staff Reporter

While talking to the monthly ijlas of Shura Hamdard former Naval Chief Admiral Iftikhar Ahmed Sirohey and other scholars of Shura Hamdard said that current democracy is nothing except fraud. Our new generation needs character building as they are of rebellious approach.
We need to spread teachings of Hakim Mohammad Said as he was a great man. He devoted each and everything including himself for his country. His services for Tibb and promoting his nation are remarkable. Madinat-ul-Himah is evidence of his love for the fields of education, science and research. Though he was martyred by our enemies but is still alive in our hearts through his noble work. The topic of Ijlas was “Shaheed Hakim Mohammad Said-Hayat-O-Khidmat”.
National president Shura Hamdard Sadia Rashid said HMS focused on younger generation and his aim was to build their personality through education and character building.

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