Culture of Sindh gives the message of peace, brotherhood: Esrani



Provincial Minister for Minority Affairs Gianchand Esrani has said in a message on Sindh’s Culture Day that on Culture Day, I offer congratulations to the Sindhis living in all corners of the world including Sindh.

He said that the culture of Sindh gives the message of peace, love and brotherhood, the culture of Sindh is the essence of colorless, racial and religious discrimination.Sindh Energy Minister Imtiaz Shaikh’s message on Sindh Culture Day

Imtiaz Sheikh congratulates the entire nation on the cultural day of Sindh said that Sindh is a great cultural region. Who renounced his culture as if he had lost his identity.

Shaikh said that Let us protect all the things that are a part of our culture, and take it to the heights. The culture of Sindh promotes the spirit of love, brotherhood, and respect. Culture has been known since the dawn of man, and we still practice it.