Cultural sites carriers of history: UO VC


The University of Okara’s Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Wajid along with the Commissioner Sahiwal Division Javed Akhter Mehmood commemorated the World Tourism Day at Harappa Museum where they addressed to the students of Higher Secondary Schol Harappa.

Prof Wajid, in his lecture, discussed the importance of the preservation of cultural and cultural sites. He argued, “Since the very beginning, human being have been curious to explore the culture and history of their predecessors and this curiosity led to the birth of a full-fledge disciple such as Archeology.”

He also advised the students to work for the preservation of the cultural sites as they were carriers of ancient civilizations and history.

The Commissioner delivered a detailed lecture on the role of significance of museums and other historical sites for the promotion of tourism in Pakistan. He also shared his global experiences with the students and encouraged them to dig out about the history of various civilizations.

After the seminar, the Commissioner lead a walk for awareness about world tourism day. The students visited the Harappa site on Golf carts.

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