CTD contacts companies to get workers’ data


After witnessing a sharp rise in crime rate, the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) has completed the process of contact relevant companies running online delivery services, it was learnt on Tuesday.

CTD Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Omar Shahid Hamid said in a statement that the process of contacting relevant companies providing online delivery services has been started. He said that each company possesses a complete record of its workers.

He detailed that consultations are underway to compile the workers’ data and the companies have assured to fully cooperate with the CTD. The counter-terrorism department announced to commence scrutiny of all online delivery services in order to curb criminal and terrorists’ activities.


Criminals have found a new way to carry out activities in different parts of the country to loot, threaten and terrorize citizens while appearing as delivery riders of online services.

It emerged earlier on November 16 last year that the professional killers had used motorcycles similar to delivery services in an armed attack on a cleric Maulana Abdullah in Karachi’s Jamshed Quarters, whereas, motorcycles of online delivery services were also used for fund transfers and supplies of weapons in the attack.


In a recent incident of street crime, two masked men on a motorcycle posing as food delivery riders looted a citizen in Gulistan-e-Johar Block 16 area when the affectee was trying to start his motorbike which developed a fault.

A CCTV footage of the incident occurred on January 16 was also surfaced which showed one of the criminals carrying a food delivery box looted the citizen in the street. They managed to flee from the scene easily after committing the crime.

In another case of online delivery services being used for criminal activities emerged on January 12, police had apprehended two people who allegedly robbed a person in the guise of an online delivery boy.

Darakhshan police had arrested two people, exposing a gang allegedly involved in depriving citizens of their valuables in the guise of online delivery boys.

The police had said that the accused snatched a cell phone from a citizen while portraying them as part of an online delivery store. “They have been identified as Yameen and Abdullah,” they said adding that the mobile phone of the citizen and a weapon were also recovered from their possession.The police had also found a criminal record of the accused.


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