CTD arrests three in Lyari raid


Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) in a raid arrested three hardened criminals from Lyarion Saturday.

The CTD arrested three accused affiliated with Lyari gang war in a raid in Miran Naka area of Lyari, CTD officials said.

The law enforcement officials recovered arms, hand grenade and a stolen motorbike from the arrested men identified as Aslam alias Rashid, Tanvir alias Patni and Majid alias Sayyaad.

According to CTD officials, accused have confessed about their involvement in extortion, and other heinous crimes.

Accused Tanvir was arrested in a murder case in year 2005. He joined a gang after being released from jail after three years.

He also escaped from the country with his accomplices and went into hiding in a foreign country, according to officials.

Lyari has suffered gang violence in the recent past. The locality remained relatively peaceful after an end of gang war among various criminal gangs that had forced several residents to leave the area and made it the hotbed of criminal activities.