Crush remnant elements


AS a result of sustained and relentless operation against terrorists, peace was largely restored in the country, something which is also acknowledged by the world.

Nonetheless, the remnant elements mostly backed by our enemy – India -keep striking different parts of the country with regular intervals.

At a time when the country is faced with catastrophic flooding, the terrorists appear to be rearing their ugly head again to exploit this difficult situation in their favour.

Two districts of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa were rocked by blasts within a span of a few hours on Tuesday evening, targeting a police station in Kohat and a former peace committee head and police officials in Swat.

Six persons were killed when a remote-controlled bomb struck their vehicle in the Ghlo Kandaw area of Kabal Tehsil in Swat.

A statement issued by the outlawed TTP claimed responsibility for the attack. These incidents have sent alarm bells ringing in the Swat Valley once again.

A few weeks back, reports had poured in about the re-emergence of Taliban in the area. However, it is unfortunate that the government did not take the matter seriously and the result is that they have struck, stoking an environment of fear in the area.

The authorities concerned must take immediate action to pre-empt the militants’ designs to sabotage the hard-earned peace.

Separately also, three soldiers were martyred in an exchange of fire with terrorists across the Pakistan-Afghanistan border in Kurram district.

This is not an isolated incident but the Afghan soil is repeatedly being used against Pakistan.

Responsibility rests with the Afghan government to fulfil its obligations and stop militant elements from carrying out terror acts against Pakistan.

Our authorities must take up this matter strongly with the Afghan government. Negotiations should not be held with the TTP until it stops terror activities.

At present, our security personnel are engaged in saving the life of millions of people in the flood-ravaged areas but the terrorists should not be allowed to exploit the current situation.

They should be chased down and crushed with full force.


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