Crusade against Corona by Army, PM can only succeed with public support



ARMY, alongwith prime minister have done a tremendous job but lack of coordination among various tiers of administration needs urgent improvement for fighting the Covid19 much more effectively than heretofore. By the grace of God Almighty, Pakistan has remained among the luckiest of nations for the harm done by pandemics is far more less, compared to advanced countries like Europe and America, but lack of public awareness and its resulting effects, is now being commonly felt. Media reports and television clips have all been focusing on this weakness. International agencies like World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and even IMF have been more than generous to help fight the menace, including in Pakistan. However it is being felt at almost all levels that the current slow planning rate, needs to be expedited. Resource mobilization and help expected from the richer sections of the population, too needs much speedier mobilization than had been seen so far. There is no doubt that the government is alive to the urgency of the situation, and has readied as promised ration packages for the needs and the poor, but the results desired from these steps, are either neutralized or becoming visibly counter- productive by the impatience shown from the lower iota of the society, in the suburban areas particularly like among the fishermen, and those inhabiting outskirt islands like Manora, Baba Bhit, or even the densely populated localities like Gharo, Thatta, and rural areas around Karachi, Hyderabad etc. Not much different is the situation in interior of Sindh, and in the Punjab where risk rates have constantly been increasing, and death toll have already crossed the 20 plus mark Ration trucks, and those arranged by welfare agencies, NGOs, international non-governmental organisations are raided, invaded rather by those really in need of essential items like, flour, spices, cooking oil. Uncontrollable crowd of people, ladies, elders, and youngster alike, have belittled government and privately managed packages, or have caused much more harmful effect than was expected. The crowd, in sheer panic, assemble in large, indiscipline manner to negate the effective results aimed at from these measures/ All those converging on ration trucks, carrying items for their daily use. Instead of being helpful, the panic witnessed during the last two days in several city and rural areas, are dangerous in nature. Those seeking items of daily use, forget to keep social distancing, remain without face mask. That partly is the cause of rise in risk rates, which is higher in the Punjab than in Sindh. Chief minister Murad Ali Shah deserves full marks for leading from the front, but can he fight it out alone? Question foes not arise. Parliamentarians have to come forward to organize aid deliveries in a better and smooth way. That they are not seen anywhere is a sad commentary on a society, blessed with Islamic teachings, and guidelines from Holy Prophet ( PBUH). Rangers and Police, instead of being blamed, ought to be appreciated, for they are doing their duties diligently, appealing to people hands folded, to remain indoors, and avoid coming out with families. But just the reverse in seen, which is reflection on the system pursued in the country for years. In this grave hour of crisis, where death toll in the country have passed 25 plus mark, and over 2000 are still suspect, with quite a few in critical condition in hospitals, peoples cooperation, and awareness among them is the need of the hour. Pakistan army, officers and soldiers alike have done a tremendous job. They have tried to focus on mechanism to keep buyers at shops, malls, etc at a distance and wait for their turn in queues but without public cooperation on the desired scale, success rate will remain below satisfaction. Credit is also due to doctors, paramedics, and nurses, etc, quite a few of have them laid down their lives performing obligations which need to be recorded in shining words. However delivery of treatment equipment, preventive suits, being imported from abroad, obviously takes time, But lack of generosity from those blessed with resources and capabilities, needs to show better results.