Criminal justice system needs to be reworked: PM Seeks Ulema’s cooperation to fight conspiracies against Muslims


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Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Thursday that Pakistan’s criminal justice system needs to be reworked as the current setup encourages crime.
Addressing the launching ceremony of Letters of Administration and Succession Certificates, the prime minister said that “once the culprits face punishments for their crimes, the rates would eventually fall in the country.” “A civilised society gives a message: Crime does not pay,” he said, stressing the need for reforms in the criminal justice system.
Talking about the law ministry’s initiative, he said that through it, the government has eased the work for a common man. “I consider corrections [in the system] when it provides relief to a common citizen.”
The reason behind the corrective measure is to make the life of a common man easier, he said, adding that the inheritance certificates would now be issued within 15 days.
He lamented that the land mafia illegally takes hold of their plots, as he highlighted that half of the pending cases in the courts were of land disputes.
“We are trying to bring reforms and change our justice system for the better,” he said, adding that it would be another step towards providing relief to the people.
Reiterating his resolve for transforming Pakistan into a Madina-like state, he said: “In the state of Madina, monarchy did not exist.”
The state was based on the principles of equality and justice, he said, adding that people do not know that it was a “modern-day state.”
The law ministry has devised a mechanism to establish Succession Facilitation Units in collaboration with the National Database and Registration Authority for the issuance of Letters of Administration and Succession Certificates within 15 days of initiation of the application by the legal heirs of the deceased.
Previously, it normally took two to seven years to get a simple Letter of Administration or Succession Certificate, however, it will now take only 15 days. “People friendly law reforms were being considered crucial by the present government aimed at ensuring justice through people-friendly legislation.
One of the most important pieces of legislation that was enacted in this regard was The Letters of Administration and Succession Certificates Act, 2020.”
The Act was crucial to address a common problem faced by the legal heirs of the deceased in the issuance of Letters of Administration and Succession Certificates, it added.
Chairing a meting, Imran Khan said that comprehensive investigation is being carried out in the light of the Broadsheet scandal.He said that the Broadsheet scandal has exposed former rulers, adding that the previous NRO caused a loss of $20 million. The previous rulers saved their property by making a deal with former president Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf.
“Our government and institutions will not come under their pressure,” he said and added the looted wealth of the nation will be brought back.
Meanwhile, talking to a delegation of religious scholars in Islamabad, Prime Minister Imran Khan called for continued cooperation of religious scholars to thwart the nefarious conspiracies of creating division and discord in the Muslim Ummah.

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