Crime rate on raise in Hayatabad Resident Society


In a posh area like Hayatabad, the anti-social elements have disturbed the peace of the areas and put the residents under severe stress, known businessman Ghulam Bilal Javed told media men here on Thursday.

The increasing number of incidents in the posh area of Peshawar, Hayatabad, has made life difficult for the citizens, he said. Due to increasing incidents of terrorism, the residents of Hayatabad have installed security cameras of their own.

In the street next to the former DIG’s house on Hayatabad Medical Complex Road, two persons entered the house with ill intentions but got scared when they saw the camera.

When we contacted the Police, they said the suspects were drug addicts, while the district administration had undertaken to arrest drug addicts for treatment and rehabilitation.

The police, however, said that we pick the drug addicts up and hand them over to the Deputy Commissioner Cell established for this purpose and they are passing through rehab under the government project. Ghulam Bilal Javed on this occasion said that it is difficult to catch each and everyone rather many of the criminals are involved in robberies as well.—APP