Crackdown against vehicles with tinted glasses, fancy number plates accelerated

City Reporter

The Islamabad Traffic Police has accelerated its crackdown against vehicles having tinted glasses, fancy number plates and hampering smooth flow of traffic due to wrong parking.

In line with the directions of Inspector General of Police Islamabad Qazi Jamil ul Rehman, ITP force has accelerated efforts to take action against those vehicles having tinted glasses and different violations.

The efforts in this connection are being supervised by Senior Superintendent of Police (Traffic) Syed Karar Hussain while special squads have been constituted to check violations of traffic rules.

A total of 19 grand operations were conducted in the last month in various areas including G-8 Markaz, G-9 Markaz, G-11 Markaz, F-10 Markaz, F-11 Markaz, I-8 Markaz, Bahria Town, Blue Area, Jinnah Super, F-6 (Super Market), Aabpara and Bhara Kau Market.

SSP (Traffic) Syed Karar Hussain overall monitored these operations and owners of car show rooms were strictly warned to avoid parking on footpaths and roa-

A total of 329 fine tickets were issued over wrong parking while 25 vehicles were impounded at various police stations.

As many as 763 vehicles were fined for having tinted glasses, 894 for having fancy number plates and 821 for violations of miscellaneous nature.

The SSP (Traffic) has appealed to avoid using tinted glasses and follow traffic rules to ensure safe road environment in the city. He has also ordered to check every violation and issue a violation ticket to every violator.

“The elimination of VIP culture and equal application of law are our main objectives which would be achieved at every cost,” he maintained.

He also directed his staff to continue education campaign and inculcate traffic sense among the road users along with the enforcement of law
Syed Karar Hussain stressed the need to bridge the gap between police and public through polite attitude and by demonstrating sense of responsibility.

He said that this campaign will remain continue in the coming days to curb this violation effectively.

He said that it is our top priority to ensure convenience for road users by maintaining traffic discipline and every possible effort would be made for the purpose
The SSP (Traffic) has also appealed the citizens to cooperate in this regard and demonstrate attitude like responsible citiz-

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