CPEC helping Pakistan expending its agri products to int’l markets

Observer Report

“The agricultural cooperation under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has three main goals. First, to help Pakistan improve agricultural research sustainability.

Second, according to a China Economic Net’s report to promote the development of Pakistan’s export-oriented economy.

Third, to introduce more advanced agricultural pro-duction factors into Pakistan,” said Dr. Gu Wenli-ang, Agricultural Commissioner at the Chinese Em-bassy in Pakistan, on what is happening in the agri-cultural sector under CPEC to further boost China-Pakistan cooperation in a webinar themed by “Covid-19 and Higher Education:
Addressing about food Security through Policy Support and Research”, he said “Pakistan’s econ-omy is basically export-oriented and the majority of the exports are agricultural products.

We’d like to promote value-added processing to help more Paki-stani products up to the international standards, entering more markets globally.

Now, rice, mango, citrus, dry nuts, honey and sea-food, etc. from Pakistan are being exported to China.

Besides, it’s learned from Dr. Gu in the we-binar that next year Pakistani onion has the chance to enter the Chinese market.

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